Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Modest crotches

Here on Crotches of SL, we make every effort to provide our readers with objective scientific content capable of carrying significant academic weight and intellectual merit. For that reason, we explicitly avoid any discussions which suggest overly biased social prescriptions for behavior concerning crotches. While we do not condemn or devalue the individual's right to free expression of the loins, or ones right to censor their own pelvic girdle, we do not advocate any particular position or stance on the subject. We understand that this subject can often become quite hairy, so to speak, and thus endeavor to approach such themes with an ample dose of logic and compassion.

With this in mind we carefully embark this morning on a journey exploring crotch modesty. What is a modest crotch, you ask? Grand question; let us illustrate one of many examples of groin region modesty:

Observe the above photograph. See how the hand parts cover the most intimate fork of the pubic area? This is one of multiple variations of the positioning of an organic body to express a sentiment of modesty or innocence. A pose such as this is used chiefly in a type of communication termed body language -- a language that is entirely restricted to creatures with the ability to see. Blind beings are unable to communicate via body language, except in situations where bodily contact is involved, such as giving a slap or receiving beatings. Said communication occurs, as it might in this case, when the body is arranged in a way so as to communicate to potential viewers that the subject is not interested in collaborating in the creation of progeny. Such a modest pose may also serve as a mode of expressing discomfort or the need to partake in a standard biological bodily functions, such as urination. This kind of modest pose might also suffice as a way to tempt other creatures into pleasurable courting rituals. This pose communicates a refined sense of sophistication and control while still retaining a significantly meaningful variety of options for interpretation. It is a diverse pose, and very effective at fending off intruders which might assault or offend the crotch.

Here is another sort of modest crotch:
This crotch is not modest in the social sense, but modest in the aesthetic sense. This is a crotch collected from the standard nerdy male bioform. See how the pose is simple and unassuming. Also see how the crotch is completely without ornamentation. The fit of the trouser is adequate but not provocative or offensive. Modest crotches, rather than tools of communication, are rather little more than simple crotches in their purest form.

In both of these examples of modesty, the crotch retains a level of purity only rivaled by the loins when they are in their most natural and primitive state and completely sans adornment and covering. The crotch becomes a beacon for social interaction, or a canvas for simple aesthetic admiration in its most relaxed and unobtrusive form.