Monday, August 2, 2010

A message to our readers

I feel it's important to let everyone know, right from the start, that there will be rules on this blog. There will be no touching the models, no inappropriate language, and, above all, a respect for moral and ethical behavior. This is a place to view and discuss crotches and the things that go with them, after all. It practically screams "G Rating"

In the interest of fairness, we'll start with a crotch very close to my heart.
This is an excellent example of quality crotch. Note the way the light plays over the fabric of the pants, and the slight wrinkles around the thighs. This adds an element of mystery, drawing in the eye and captivating the viewer. What secrets does his crotch hold? What wonders await those who would explore it? Truly, this is a crotch you can share with friends.

Next up is a more playful, emotive crotch.
This picture was taken during a dance, and clearly belongs to a refined lady. Note the subtle, almost understated adornment, the way the garters draw the eye, and the reflectiveness of the crotch covering itself. While it would be easy to make this sort of thing seem crude, this crotch manages to walk the fine line of tasteful allure without venturing into crass exhibitionism.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at crotches in Second Life. While they are certainly fine specimens, there are many crotches out there, and we'll be here to show them off for you.

Alarren Feden, Scientician Extraordinaire