Submit a Crotch

Would you like to submit your crotch to the Crotches of SL blog? We welcome guest submissions as we feel tyhe contribute to the essence of community that we try to cultivate here on the interwebs. Please, consider being a part of this monumental creative project by camming the groins of friends and neighbors near you, snapping an artfully composed photograph, and mailing it off to the Crotches of Second Life blogmistress, Marian Dragovar. You can do so via e-mail at maidmarian.dragovar [at] gmail [dot] com. Please, when you submit your crotch attachments to Marian via e-mail, remember to abide by the following guidelines:

We accept the following types of crotches:

1. A crotch with an interesting organic and physical shape - one that provokes a viewer response. Whether said response is positive or negative is immaterial; it is the psycho-emotional reaction that is of chief interest here at Crotches of Second Life.

2. A finely styled crotch - one which utilizes the best that fashion designers have to offer. Interesting weaves and patterns to adorn the pubic region, fabrics that cradle the groin, and tailored fits that best tell the story of the noble crotch.

3. A poorly styled crotch - one which showcases the worst features of the crotch, tacky and tasteless textiles, cramped quarters for the crotch creature(s), or shockingly low quality and kitschy ornamentation. We're talking clashing colors, terrible textures, and things that don't belong in, on, or around the hailed and revered pelvic girdle.

4. Special crotches - We like to look at crotches with special appeal, unusual ornamentation, fantasy crotches, crotches of rare animals and entities, crotches of aliens or beasts. Laps made of magic and science, oddly shaped, mutated, or evolved pubic regions -- or anything that is out of the ordinary or a diversion from the standard expectations for the crotch.

5. Cultural crotches, crotches which convey significant cultural symbolism or display meaning from a distinctly ethnic perspective. Crotches used in spiritual and social ritual, crotches of distinct origins, exotic crotches, worldly crotches, any sort of crotch which conveys a sentiment of unique ethnic heritage.

6. Crotch art - any artworks inspired by the pelvic region, artworks which literally or liberally interpret the crotch, traditional or innovative media which depicts the crotch in an aesthetically significant manner. Also acceptable are creations that aren't but look like crotches.

Please note, crotch shots taken purely for sexual or pornographic purposes are discouraged and will not be posted on -- crotches must have some intellectual and academic merit. If said merit is not immediately apparent, please provide a summary analysis of the crotch with your submission.