Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A lot to think about

Sometimes crotches give us something to think about:

Like this one, for instance. This crotch gives us a lot to think about. This is a very complex crotch. See how the morbid ornaments on this crotch are juxtaposed against the neo-victorian delicacy of the lace shirt? Observe the dangerous spikes that guard the loins, but then observe the lacing on the thighs and the torso visible through the thin layer of lace. One aesthetic clearly suggests the intentions of a highly sophisticated street-walker, whilst the other suggests intentions of war making and aggression. This crotch is, in scientific terms, a hot mess of confusion and complexity. What do you think?

Alarren adds: I feel it prudent emphasize the juxtaposition of the crotch, from which life springs, and the gun, from which springs death. Complex indeed, but confused? Perhaps not.

Here's another significantly confusing crotch. This one is less complex, but the accessories on the appendages that surround and frame the pelvic girdle are excessively adorned with various strange ornaments. Additionally, this crotch keeper seems to have added a small swatch of fabric at a longer length across her groin, suggesting the length of this particular item of clothing was insufficient for this crotches expectation of modesty (see modest crotches). In cases such as this, the scientific observe may begin to question the objective of the crotch in question. This is very bad. Never question the intention of a crotch. Once the one begins to speculate about the loins this way the path quickly leads up into the deep caverns of bias and subjectivity. We may of course suggest a variety of possible intentions and then use our highly trained skills to design tests for the crotch so that we are able to ascertain the true nature of it's intent and expression.

In this particular case, it is better to refrain from asking questions.

Alarren muses: This crotch worries me. It is, in my professional opinion, inviting mates. And I am reasonably certain I do not want this particular specimen breeding.